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From Suppliers to Users

The main products that we offer are various different types of grass hay that are imported from the North America and Australia.
Speaking of grass hay, many might have such an image that a herd of cattle/horses are grazing at ease in a green pasture. However, Japan currently imports about 2 million tons of the grass hay a year for forage use. Today grass hay, corn, and barley, the so-called forage crop of 30 million tons are imported to Japan for livestock feed. It can be said that imported forage crop play an important role in Japan with such a low ratio of local forage availability.

Cattle's feed are imported from the overseas. Then farmers produce and distribute meat, dairy products, and eggs to the market. These products are sold at stores, served at a household and eventually ingested into our bodies. Given the food chain, don't you think that animal feed is highly relevant with our daily life?

By striving to deliver our products that farmers (users) can feel safe to feed their cattle, we directly exchange information with overseas suppliers to increase the transparency of distribution route on a constant basis. We will be a channel between suppliers and users, and relay quality, safety, and trust.


Although a product of hay sounds simple, it has various types and come from different parts of the world. Because hay is an agricultural commodity, it is susceptible to change in weather and land conditions of the seasons, etc. Despite of challenges, we have been selling our products to our customers by always keeping our motto, "Providing Stable Quality Product" at heart.

By utilizing purchasing know-how acquired from the experience of 30-plus years in hay importing business, our buyers travel to the scene throughout the year to check it's quality, obtain information from the suppliers to share with our customers. Moreover, we select fields for each type of hay on the site and put traceability in place. This ensures us which hay gets put in a particular container. We will continue to work with the suppliers to be able to provide traceable and stable quality hay products.


Our buyers travel to USA, Canada and Australia on a regular basis. As they carefully inspect the hay to import, they also consider about the local weather, domestic demand, and market of each country of origin to purchase the hay products.
Our customers can confidently use our products that have been specifically chosen by us based on our experience of purchasing.


Our goal from day 1 was to import a better quality hay to our customers, and we have been for the past 30-plus years. We built warehouses both in Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture, and Shiwa town, Iwate prefecture. We also prepared necessary equipments to ensure customers receive what they hoped for. We can always assure our customers of inventory to stable supply of various hay product.
We also arrange containers to be picked by our customers from a port. For those who have difficulties to do so, we deliver our products in smaller-lot order to meet the various needs.
Also, we have a variety of hay products and carry various grades in the warehouses. Of course, we always check the quality prior to delivery. To gain further trust from our customers, we strive to provide better quality hay.

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